Black Beret Pop-Up Boutique Party

Invite your girlfriends around at home for a Black Beret Pop-Up Boutique!

Enjoy the wonderful hostess rewards & discounts. Black Beret will bring a wide range of stylish and on trend pieces into your home. There's something to suit every taste and every size from 6-16 and because your guests will be able to see and feel each garment, try them on for style, colour and size, everyone will find something they love, which means more sales and more rewards for you!

If you are a bride to be and looking for bridesmaid dresses, we can help you, if you have a special occasion to attend such as a ball, we have the dresses you need, if you are looking for something special for a date night, we have that too. Black Beret updates clothing seasonally as well as bringing in new styles in between to keep everything new and exciting. You and your friends can try on as many clothes as you like, all in the comfort of your own home. 

Get together at a Black Beret Pop-Up Boutique with your family, friends, or local club (It's also a great excuse for a fun girl's night in)!

Suggestions for hosting a successful party:

  1. Invite 10 or more fashionable, fun loving friends
  2. Ask your friends to bring a friend (The more the merrier).
  3. Make it a fun night!

As the Hostess you will receive special discounts on the total sales made at your party, and if you get friends to book in parties the rewards only get better. Fun games and special prizes will be done at parties to keep things exciting.

Your Designer clothing party will run for approximately 2 hours, allowing plenty of time for looking at each garment and to gain knowledge about fabrics and each labels background and stories whilst having fun with friends and family at home with our friendly stylist.

The pre-booking fee which is due on the day you book your at home party is $100.00 and $100.00 of that pre-booking fee will go towards any purchases you make at your party as the hostess (the pre-booking fee is non-refundable if no purchases are made by the hostess or guests). 

All you need to do is contact us to organise your at home party by inviting your friends.

The more successful your party, the more rewarding it is for you, in so many exciting ways. The below table will give you an idea of the wonderful perks of being a Black Beret Hostess.

For example, a $1000 party will earn a $100 discount off any garment from the Postie range. Depending on your sales at your Black Beret Pop-Up Boutique, as a hostess you can select up to 4 garments at half their retail price.

You will also be given a booking reward certificate to the value of 25% OFF a future purchase which is redeemable at the second booking date (can only be used after the the second party has been held) that was booked at your Black Beret Pop-Up Boutique!

Pop-Up Boutique Sales

Special Hostess Gift

Hostess Half RRP items























*Contact us for more information or to book your own party;

*Parties are held Weekends (Day and Evenings) or Evenings on Weekdays Only.  

*Purchases are paid for fully at the event via Debit or Credit card (or through using the take home lay-buy ZipPay), and orders will be full-filled and delivered within 7-10 Days after the date of the party date. 

*Now that Black Beret currently has no physical shop whilst we re-locate, Black Beret has decided that we will come to you for the Black Beret Pop-Up Boutique if you live in the Perth CBD and surrounding areas only.